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Project Management

My wireless work over four years required a project manager capable of understanding both the business needs and the technical requirements of an ecommerce implementation. With my background in design, programming, and communications, I was able to serve as liaison between our partners and vendors and our internal business and technical teams.

As PM, I was able to accomplish many of the following tasks:
> best practices and competitive research analysis
> creation of new information architecture plan
> design and production of all interface elements
> programming of core site structure and styles
> evaluation and selection of technical vendors for design, programming, hardware, etc
> management of daily work of business team, design firms, programmers, operations personnel
> reporting to upper management and corporate business owners on project status
> business and technical requirements documentation: all phases including training and maintenance
> on-time delivery of mission critical projects

Some examples of projects where I served in either IT or Business Project Manager roles are detailed on additional pages of this website: