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Business Strategy

Beginning my wireless work as Art Director to a design group, I quickly shifted my focus to identifying and implementing improvements across the company's suite of ecommerce products and partners.

Analyzing an ecommerce problem and providing guidance for business owners to implement creative solutions was my key role as a strategy director. Examples of specific issues are listed below.

VMC Satellite: authored white paper on strategies for improving the business of VMC Wireless, a business partner, during transition point for company.

Wirefly: Strategy work included ongoing competitive analysis of competition, consistent improvements to house brand web properties, and creation of accessory-only store at a time when few other wireless merchants offered one. Multiple rounds of white paper creation supported phased changes of the brand properties.

AOL Mobile: Representing the company's goals for the AOL partnership, I would strive to champion our established best practices for ecommerce as we implementated our data and shopping process into the new interface created by AOL's design team.

Wirefly and A1 Wireless on Amazon: goals for my work on this partnership were to analyze the potential for success given the platform, marketing environment, and system of product management. An intensive reworking of strategy and testing of theory provided concrete insight into the potential of this platform.

Best Buy: working with our potential partner, I listened to their presentation of business and technical needs and then created a revised information architecture and seamless marketing approach for wireless plans and phones within an entirely new platform. The partnership has been a tremendous success for all parties.

Motorola: once again starting in the pre-contract phase, I gathered business, marketing and platform requirements into a coherent approach for a new, joint ecommerce property.