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Financial Institutions

UBS, Switzerland
swiss design hollygurl styleI worked in Basel, Switzerland as a Project Manager for the development of an entirely new online bank for UBS Warburg.

I was recruited by USWeb/CKS in Geneva to work on site design and navigation in tandem with technical developers, content creators, bank employees and business analysts. Why me? Well, I spoke French, HTML, and BroadVision. At the time, there was a shortage of tech-savvy designers in Continental Europe, so they shipped me overseas at enormous expense.

I was responsible for coordinating our design team with the technical workgroups (200+ American Deloitte consultants), through the creation and integration of the core site structure, navigation, and information flow over 12 separate workgroups (and many different languages).

I fled Europe and the hideous work schedule (not to mention German food) after several months, but not before laying the foundations for the finally completed (many years later) UBS website.

      > Click here to view the UBS Switzerland website

T. Rowe Price
T. Rowe Price is the third largest provider of mutual funds in the United States. As the Online Coordinator, my primary responsibility was to design, program, and maintain the retail web site. This involved work with the IS developers to create graphic interfaces for software applications and multimedia presentations as well as interactive Web pages.

At T. Rowe Price all publications, and especially those online, had to be carefully tracked and coordinated in order to assure compliance with FDC regulations. I was responsible for maintaining the retail site on both AOL (do you remember Rainman?) and the 'regular' Internet. Sadly, the most creative pieces I designed at T. Rowe Price were ad banners for sites like AOL, CNN, and Morningstar.

I am unable to post examples of my work, as I have been informed by the legal department of T. Rowe Price that I will be in violation of their copyright and trademarks if I do so.

      > Click here for T. Rowe Price website