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Customer Service

A large part of my recent work has been focused on improving the customer service experience for our partners and their shoppers.

My daily work on the Amazon project indcluded reviewing storefront feedback and investigating order issues and customer claims using the Seller Central system and our internal order tracking records. I posted appropriate responses for the Amazon.com community, and frequently contacted customers directly myself to learn more about their issues and concerns as well as suggestions for improving the online shopping experience.

As issues surfaced during research, I identified and documented trends for presentation to the proper management, warehouse, activations, etc., team owners. I followed escalations to resolution, and also provided strategy for changing processes or developing new handling scenarios. I wrote agent scripts for call center employees to follow for handling specific issues; trained CS agents; ran weekly CS meetings with agents and business owners to identify and tackle problems and devise joint solutions.

Current work focuses on continuing discovery of customer service issues across the business and within all stages of the shopping experience and shipping process.